High-Tech Jobs in Bozeman Coverage Features Elixiter

January 7, 2016 Amy Colson

NBC Coverage Elixiter Office

"Some of the bigger cities in the Bay Area and the East Coast, where a lot of companies are, do not have as great of a work-life balance. I think that Bozeman has a really great work-life balance to offer," said Tara Slover.

She was with the company when they had just a handful of employees. She now shares her office with more than 30 coworkers.

"There's definitely a tech culture here that has extended its reach well outside of Bozeman, but it's not just companies like Elixiter. Oracle, Zoot and Apttus all have offices here," said Andrew Hull, the president and founder of the company. He explained that having big companies in town helps to put Bozeman on the map as an emerging technology hub.

Hull explained one of the reasons he decided to base his company in Bozeman is because he wanted to work where he lived.

"When I decided to start a company," he continued, "I wanted to do it here in Bozeman. Why do it in San Francisco or somewhere else if your family and your roots are here in Montana?"

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