Elixiter Founder, Andrew Hull, Wins Prospera’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award

November 12, 2013 Chris Leonard

Bozeman, Mont., November, 2013 – Bicycling enthusiast and Montana native, Andrew Hull was leading product marketing efforts for Bozeman software overachiever, RightNow Technologies (acquired by Oracle) when he decided to plunge into starting a small business, a risky but rewarding option. Hull founded Elixiter, a Bozeman, MT marketing technology agency, in 2011 with the intent to hire, train and retain intelligent high-octane professionals from the area. Since inception, Elixiter employees have worked from Bozeman to support client marketing automation needs for businesses across the United States and internationally. The company is providing high-paying, technology-oriented positions for the Gallatin Valley. In November of 2013, the Prospera Business Network named Hull its Entrepreneur of the Year. He was among four other local business professionals who received awards at the annual Prospera Business Excellence Awards dinner. Prospera is a nonprofit economic development organization based in Bozeman. The annual awards banquet is its largest event and typically draws more than 200 people. Nominations for the awards are solicited from the area business community, and the final selections are made by Prospera’s board of directors. Hull has maintained profitability from his first year in operations and truly values his employees. Perks of being an Elixiter team member include the physical fitness program implemented to encourage health and wellness throughout the company. Elixiter employees are eligible for up to three hours per week of paid office time to devote to an exercise program of their choosing. This is just one example of Andrew’s commitment to ensure that Elixiter employees experience a high quality of life. Hull hasn’t stopped there; he also greatly values this community and encourages everyone to give back. Elixiter employees are eligible for up to two days per year of paid office time to devote to a charitable cause of their choice. In addition to time, employees can submit charity contribution receipts for up to $250 per year, which will be matched by Elixiter. Hull earned this award due to his success in establishing and building a dynamic company that will provide continued growth and opportunity in Bozeman for years to come. Thanks to the solid roadmap Andrew developed for the future of the company and through his effective leadership, all Elixiter employees look forward to building this entrepreneurial business together.

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