What's New In The Marketo Spring '18 Release

July 12, 2018 Laura Kirkland

Wondering what's new in the Spring '18 release? Here is the list of features announced by Marketo. 

Drive more pipeline and revenue by empowering sales with the intelligence, content, playbooks, and analytics to convert more of your leads into sales opportunities. Now you have visibility and the tools to coordinate with sales for a better outcome from your lead generation efforts. 


Opt-in to the Marketo Sky open beta to see the bold new look and feel and get access to brand new capabilities that help you:

Work faster with productivity-boosting capabilities
Create amazing campaigns faster than ever with a new high-performance left navigation menu, saved smart list rules and flow actions, mass actions for managing assets, and scheduled asset expiration.

Learn faster through a more intuitive experience
Learn new and existing features more quickly with in-app guides and contextual help. New Marketo users will now ramp more quickly, and seasoned users can stay up-to-date with the latest capabilities.

Win together by helping teams work more effectively
Teams can find what they need more easily with labels that allow you to tag anything in Marketo for easier searching; more flexible calendar views help teams work together by showing you what’s most important.


With the acquisition of Bizible now complete, Marketo offers a market-leading platform to give marketers full visibility into the complete buying journey and insight into the ROI of every marketing dollar.

Bizible Discover
Get powerful insights from the analytics platform that provides unified, normalized every-touch attribution data in a powerful and easy-to-use interface – so you can easily demonstrate impact, identify trends, and improve performance.


Year-Over-Year Period Comparison
Get more relevant insights to drive decision making by benchmarking results against the same period in the previous year.
Trending for Multiple Channels
Maximize results by comparing the performance of multiple channels over time to identify the best use of your marketing resources.
Opportunity Custom Field Sync & Filtering
See how your efforts are driving pipeline & revenue by filtering your results by Opportunity Custom Fields, such as a specific sales region. For numeric or currency fields, set minimum and maximum values, such as a minimum Opportunity amount, and generate insights for specific data ranges.
Shared Quick Charts
Easily share insights with key stakeholders by sharing your Quick Charts with other Performance Insights users.
Usability Enhancements: Get critical insights faster with optimized navigation and improved workflows that give you visibility to Program Success criteria and access to Program details.

Goal Setting for ContentAI
Harness the power of artificial intelligence to support your specific web and email marketing goals by setting the objective of the ContentAI optimization algorithm to drive more views, clicks, or conversions.

Compliance Card for ToutApp
Help ensure GDPR compliance by easily capturing the source of sales contacts and details of customer consent for receiving communications.
Password Policy Update
Keep your data safer with more stringent requirements for password creation, reset, and expiration – meets Soc II - Type 1 compliance requirements.
Streamlined Account Setup Experience
Get your account set up and connected to Gmail, Outlook and other systems faster with a new experience that will help reduce implementation time.

Facebook Workplace Integration
Help your sales teams respond in the moment by informing them in Workplace of notable customer activity and also get Marketo platform notifications in a Workplace group to help you optimize your marketing operations.
Static List APIs
Manage lists between Marketo and other systems more easily with new bi-directional APIs for creating, reading, updating, and deleting static lists remotely without taking any action in the Marketo UI. For example, save time on list imports after an event by syncing the list directly to Marketo.
Web Tracking Privacy
Enhanced “Munchkin” web tracking helps you to comply with local and international privacy regulations by anonymizing the IP addresses of web visitors and allowing them to permanently opt-out of web tracking.

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