Speed Versus Reflection. Which is Better for B2B Marketers?

July 27, 2018 Andrew Hull

The Denver Digital Summit is in the bag.  The speakers and staff did an excellent job and the attendance was strong.  Well done #DSDEN!


However, something uncomfortable poked at my brain during and directly after the show.  It wasn’t the great digital content, show production or venue.  It was the increasingly short span of time we expect immediate feedback.  The show organizers even got on stage before and after each session asking attendees to ensure they were posting to social media or rating the speakers.  I noticed my fellow Marketers posting to Twitter or Instagram during or within seconds of a session finishing.  I was wondering how everyone could really digest the content (or really be listening at all) if they were focused on posting during a session?


Are we actually doing a disservice to our speakers and ourselves by attempting to be so digitally real-time?  I would argue yes. The pendulum has swung too far to real-time.  We all need to take a big breath, put down our phone and computers for a moment and simply enjoy the content.  We need to absorb the people and messages around us and respond in more thoughtful manners.  This is one of the benefits of “time” we all need to leverage more!  This is not a technology problem (our marketing channels and technology tools are wonderful), this is a people and process problem.


We need to move from:

Input -> Output


Input -> Reflection -> Output


I bet an extra hour.. a day..a week before reacting to content in our digital world would increase our conversation quality immensely.

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Andrew Hull

Andrew is a veteran of the Software-as-a-Service space. He served in a wide range of positions at RightNow Technologies (acquired by Oracle) overseeing product messaging, campaigns, web properties, marketing automation, events and marketing analytics, driving eight years of continual growth from 16 million to 200+ million dollars in revenue reaching a 1+ billion dollar market capitalization. Andrew holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

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