Look Who's Back In Town...Direct Mail

July 5, 2018 Ericka Yockim

With digital efforts leading the way of marketing today, one may ask is direct mail dead and gone? A thing of the past... with no real results to back it? Just as others have claimed email is dead (it is not FYI), direct mail is making a comeback in the world of marketing. This time, it is integrated with digital efforts, making a much larger impression then before.


Just like making a morning cup of coffee, brushing teeth, and reading the newspaper (or online news), checking our physical mailbox is a daily practice in the life of most consumers and businesses. Consumers may find that gone are the days of a mailbox filled with irrelevant coupons or "personal" mass printed material as the material is becoming much more high touch and timely.


As an agency, we are actively working with clients on defining their promotional methods or channels and then determining the best way to prove ROI on each of those mediums. Direct mail has become more and more prevalent in these discussions in the past year and with constantly improving integrations, ROI is becoming much more apparent. 


Baked By Melissa Direct Mail Cupcakes

Example of a popular direct mail option. Photo: Baked By Melissa


With direct mail fulfillment and integration solutions such as PrintingForLess (PFL) or Sendoso, direct mail efforts now can be a part of your omni-channel efforts acting as a key high touch point for your prospects and customers. Today, once someone completes a digital or trackable milestone (such as becoming an MQL or filling out a Contact Us form), you can automatically send a webhook to the direct mail fulfillment provider, which will send out a physical piece that can reference that digital touch point and create an end-to-end experience for the customer or prospect. From here, once the material is delivered to the business or home, the integration would then tell Marketo or SFDC and from here, you can send out thank you messages or have a sales rep follow up.


One of our clients found success with direct mail by integrating with other promotional channels to provide a fluid omni-channel experience. The team integrated their direct mail programs into existing nurture and display ad efforts so the user experienced a consistent message across multiple touch points.  The team sent fortune cookies and an information kit sheet to early stage prospects. Late stage prospects received water bottles and power banks to assist with the deal close. Another direct mail program triggered the send of free t-shirts once a survey was completed. As a result of these efforts, their team was able to move leads through the sales cycle faster, provide higher quality, detailed information to their sales team and build brand recognition.  Everything was tracked and measured in Marketo and SFDC, allowing the client to prove impact on each promotional piece to overall revenue. 


This integrated journey across web, email, phone, and physical mail persuades the buyer that you have put careful thought into their journey and care about their experience.  There are endless possibilities for utilizing Direct Mail as a touch point in an omni-channel journey, and with the ability to track and measure performance, it is becoming a popular option with marketers today. 

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Ericka Yockim

Ericka's advanced marketing automation expertise ensures complex integrations and highly technical projects are solved with smooth precision. She loves testing the limits of marketing technologies. She holds both MCSA, SFDC Adminstrator certifications, and also Marketo Specialist in Programs and Campaigns. Clients value Ericka's ability to solve their most complicated projects with strategic vision and technical precision. Ericka enjoys mountain biking and paddle boarding, and is learning how to ski and wake surf. Her favorite places are Hawaii and Montana. Her adopted dog Miner can often be found smiling at her side.

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