How To Whitelist Marketo Mail Servers

May 20, 2014 Chris Leonard

Corporate email servers can sometimes slow the delivery of test emails from Marketo or block them from your inbox altogether. Whitelisting Marketo will ensure that you get emails quickly, and here’s how:

  1. Give the following list of IP ranges to your IT staff:

If you use Return-Path as your anti-spam for whitelisting, use  *

The Postini system uses a unique means of whitelisting. Customers on shared IPs should whitelist Marketo’s entire sending ranges, as sometimes it is necessary to move customers between IPs for technical reasons. The way to whitelist a range in Postini is to configure a manual IP block with a pass-through.

Instead of using a CIDR range, the Postini Interface asks for the first and last IP’s in the given range. Here are Marketo’s: – – – – – – – – –

See this Postini Page for more Information:

If your anti-spam system uses “from address” for whitelisting, let your IT staff know what sending domains you use for your Marketo emails.

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