How to Translate Checkbox Fields Into Text Using Formula Fields

August 8, 2014 Drew Maier

Pulling checkbox values into an email or landing page using tokens will result in either a "1" or "0", which doesn’t result in an optimal user experience. One solution is to use formula fields, which will translate these values into a more appropriate and usable result. The example below is pulled from a subscription management program which allows leads to select the frequency and types of email correspondence they receive. This reduces overall unsubscribe rates and is a great step towards compliance with various international email regulations.

1. Once you have a checkbox that you would like to translate into text, create a new "Formula" field in the Field Management section of Marketo’s Admin area. Remember to keep the naming structure as consistent as possible. For a "Newsletter" checkbox, you may want to call the new formula field "Newsletter_Text".

2. Edit the values that you would like to associate with a "True" or "False" checkbox value, then click Save.  Use whatever text would be the most clear to the end-user.  "Unsubscribed" and "Subscribed" may work better in your situation than "Yes" and "No." You can edit the rules and change the final value. It’s very quick and easy.

3. You can then tokenize a confirmation email or follow-up landing page utilizing the newly created formula fields.

Below you can see how the newly created fields will populate when used as tokens in a landing page or a confirmation email.


Confirmation email:

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