How To Subscribe To A Report

August 25, 2014 Amy Colson

If there are people in your organization that would like to receive reports from Marketo, but they do not want to log in to Marketo, you can easily subscribe them to reports via the Subscription option in Marketo Analytics.

Follow these quick steps to subscribe to a Marketo Analytics report:

1. Click on the Marketo Superball and select Analytics.

NOTE: On your "My Marketo" page, you can also click on the “Analytics” tile.

You can also add Revenue Cycle Explorer report subscriptions in the Analytics section of Marketo.

To view the report subscriptions already set-up, click on the "Subscriptions" tab.

In this section, you can add new, edit or delete existing report subscriptions.

To add a new subscription, click on "New" and select the "New Report Subscription."

To set-up a subscription for a basic report from Marketo, keep the "Report Source" set to "Default."

Select the report to add a contact as a subscriber.

Enter the email address(es) and set the frequency for receiving the reports.

We recommend keeping the Excel report attached so recipients do not need to log-in to Marketo to view the full report details. 

Hit "Create" and you're done. The contacts you've entered will receive the selected reports via email at the frequency you selected.

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