How to Retroactively Update a Program Progression Status for One or More Leads

April 24, 2015


Occasionally, it may be necessary to update progression statuses for a number of leads after a program has started or even finished. Here's how to retroactively update a program progression status for one or more leads.

Note: Remember that a lead cannot move backwards in progression status as defined in a channel by using the method below. For example, if a lead has accidentally been given a status of “Attended” you will not be able to send them back to a status of “invited” by using the steps below.

For this example, we'll use an email program to change the program status of a list of leads to “Opened Email.”

  1. Create a Smart List within the program you need to adjust.
  2. In the new Smart List, add two filters: "Opened Email" (select your email) and "Not Clicked Link in Email" (select your email again). In this case, we're adding the “Not Clicked Link in Email” filter so that we only get leads that opened the email but took no further action. Apply the “Use ALL Filters” rule logic so that the Smart List returns only leads who opened the email AND did not click a link within the email.
  3. Next, create a Smart Campaign and name it something that indicates it is a one-time fix, like “Open Status Retro Fix” for example.
  4. In the Smart List tab of your newly-created Smart Campaign, add the “Member of Smart List” filter and select the Smart List you just created above. 
  5. In the Flow tab of the Smart Campaign, add the “Change Program Status” action and select the status “Opened” as your new status.
  6. Finally, on the schedule tab, check the number of leads your campaign is about to affect and make sure the count is what you were expecting. If the count looks good, simply click the "Run Once" button.

Note: channel statuses may differ from the example above, however, the same flow works for a different channel or status – just take care to select the right filters for your Smart List and the correct status in the Flow tab of your Smart Campaign.

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