How To Remove Asterisks From Marketo Forms

May 20, 2014 Chris Leonard

By default, Marketo forms display a red asterisk to indicate a required field. Some find this unsightly. Simply remove this asterisk by inserting a bit of JavaScript. Add this JavaScript to a single landing page or add it to a landing page template so it affects all of your forms.

  1. Create a new Local Asset.
  2. Name the form and click create.
  3. Drag a field onto your form from under the Template Form Fields menu.
  4. Click a Form Field, like State or First Name.
  5. In form properties, check the Is Required box.

  1. Repeat steps 4 - 5 for the remaining form fields that you would like to be required. (Note: Red asterisk will show until we add the CSS to the landing page).
  2. Drag the Form Element onto the Landing Page.
  3. Select your new Form and your desired Select Follow Up Page and click Insert.
  4. Drag a HTML Element onto the Landing Page.
  5. Insert the following CSS into the pop-up window and click Save. Click Here for CSS
  6. If the user does not fill-out a field, it will appear like this.
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