How To Pre-Populate the Subject Line and Body in Mailto-Generated Emails

June 3, 2018 Kenzie Caldwell

It’s a big deal when a lead clicks on your Development Rep’s (DR) hyperlinked email in order to speak directly with an actual person. Increase the chances of that lead hitting “send” by making his or her life a little easier with a pre-populated subject line or body. This little sign of courtesy will help your leads get down to business faster and DR’s prioritize hot leads.

1. Select the email to which you would like to add this functionality and click “Edit Draft”

2. Click within the body of the email so the Rich Text editor pops up. Highlight the section of text you would like to hyperlink with your mailto Email code. It could be your DR’s email address, or copy stating to Click Here to send a note to the sales team. Then click the hyperlink button towards the top of the editor. 

3. In the hyperlink editor, you’ll be entering your email code into the Link URL text box on the General tab – but we’ll get to that in a second. First, you need to figure out who you want this email to send to and what the subject line should be. In this example, we’ll have the email send to Miranda (, bcc the Events Team ( so they are in the loop, populate the subject line as “Excited to meet at the event!”, and populate the body with the opener “Hi Miranda,”. Below is the digestible Email code to pre-populate these items:

  1. (note the question mark at the end)
  2. (note the ampersand at the end – this allows the addition of another field, in this case, the subject)
  3. subject=Excited%20to%20meet%20at%20the%20event!& (note the “%20” – this designates a space between the words – and the ampersand at the end)
  4. body=Hi%20Miranda,

Put it all together and what do you get? Pre-populated values in your mailto-generated email! Below is the actual email code that will be plugged into the Link URL text box mentioned earlier:!&body=Hi%20Miranda,

For more complex coding or when you don’t feel like typing “%20” for every space in your subject line or body, use a mailto Code Generator Tool like this free one from CHA or this free one from

Click “Update” in the hyperlink editor, then “Save” in the Rich Text editor.

If you feel more comfortable editing in the HTML, the link would look like the highlighted portion of the image below.

  1. Close your email, approve it, and send a sample to yourself. Open the sample email and click the hyperlink you created. A new email will open up with all of your pre-populated information:

Congratulations! You have successfully pre-populated a bcc address, subject line and body in a mailto-generated email!


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