Five Steps to Reassign Salesforce Lead Owners in Marketo

March 10, 2015

Marketo can quickly and easily change multiple leads’ account owners if there are existing leads already assigned to an owner in Salesforce (SFDC).  If a lead does not yet exist in Salesforce, Marketo will automatically sync it over and assign it to the newly-selected lead owner.

For this example, we will move all of Abraham’s leads (current account owner) to George (the new account owner).

Use the following steps to assign leads to another owner:

1. If you don't already have one, create an “Operational Programs” folder in Marketing Activities. This folder should hold all your data management and other operational programs. Here, create a “Data Management” folder and a “Data Management” program.

2. Create a smart campaign with a concise name. Adding a description is optional. We suggest using the month.year and both lead owners’ names:

  1. In the “Smart List” tab, define the lead owner that you wish to remove the leads from by using the “Lead Owner Email Address” filter. Use the drop down option to select the email.


  1. Under the Flow tab you will identify the lead owner to whom leads will be reassigned. Use the “Change Owner” action and the drop down menu to select the new lead owner’s name.


  1. On the "Schedule" tab select “Run Once." You’ll be prompted to select “Run now” or to “Run later."



  ** Gut Check: Before you run your smart campaign, take a look at your “Smart List Status”. This will tell you the number of leads to be affected. Is it what you expect? If not, you may need to adjust your Smart List.

When you run the campaign, you'll successfully transfer leads from one account owner to another. To view the leads that moved, select the “Results” tab. Here, you can double-click on the lead’s name to audit individual records.

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