4 Reasons Marketing & Sales Should Take a Close Look at Live Chat

August 28, 2018 Ericka Yockim

 4 Reasons Marketing and Sales Should Look at Live Chat


As a savvy marketer, you’re likely aware that live chat is making a comeback.  Innovations like greater platform abilities and more personalized experiences are creating interactions customers enjoy and engage with. As a result, marketing and sales teams leveraging live chat are creating greater velocity in pipeline and increased customer satisfaction.

If you haven’t considered adding live chat to your marketing & sales mix yet, here are 4 reasons you should take a closer look:

1. Chat Bots Enable Sales To Engage With Prospects At The Best Possible Time

Your prospects may never be more engaged than when they are actively consuming content on your website. Chat bots allow your sales teams to start conversations when the prospect is most likely to respond. Chat bots also offer the ability to book a meeting right during the chat so the prospect doesn’t have to fill out a form and wait to hear back from your team.

2. Automatic Record Creation

Chat bots integrate with many martech platforms including MA and CRM, enabling automatic record creation and lead tracking right when the chat begins.

3. Detailed Activity Tracking

In addition to automatic record creation, integrations with MA and CRM platforms enable you to send detailed activity like full chat transcripts and meetings booked with sales. Marketing and sales both have visibility into the channel activity.

4. Playbook Expansion

Chat bots can be programmed to offer up relevant content based on how prospects answer a few initial questions. The bot can expand your playbook abilities by qualifying leads 24/7 based on information gathered in the chat session, route conversations to the right CSMs, trigger nurtures or other campaigns, or book meetings in real time by accessing CSM calendars.

With new features like these offering opportunities for marketing and sales to engage with leads at the height of their engagement, it’s no surprise why teams are choosing to add live chat as a viable channel for lead conversion. As an agency, we are seeing an increase in projects involving integrating chat bots into existing marketing initiatives involving overall strategy, integrations, channel configuration, and analytics around initiative success.

If you’re considering live chat and want to know the best way to integrate it into your buyer journey, talk to our team of experts today.


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Ericka's advanced marketing automation expertise ensures complex integrations and highly technical projects are solved with smooth precision. She loves testing the limits of marketing technologies. She holds both MCSA, SFDC Adminstrator certifications, and also Marketo Specialist in Programs and Campaigns. Clients value Ericka's ability to solve their most complicated projects with strategic vision and technical precision. Ericka enjoys mountain biking and paddle boarding, and is learning how to ski and wake surf. Her favorite places are Hawaii and Montana. Her adopted dog Miner can often be found smiling at her side.

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