How Sumo Logic Increased First-Touch Pipeline 45% With Lifecycle Model

May 21, 2018 Laura Kirkland



The marketing team at Sumo Logic, the industry leader in cloud-based log management and security analytics services, was successfully generating a high number of leads for the sales team. However, they knew they could deliver more value to the company with an improved marketing to sales process.

The absence of defined stages and ownership through the sales cycle caused inefficiencies for both teams as they repeatedly discussed who a lead belonged to and whether the lead was qualified for sales. All of this slowed the ability to move leads through the funnel. This back and forth also made delivering content to leads through the funnel difficult, as leads were being contacted alternately by sales and marketing.

In addition, the marketing team needed to see their team’s proof of impact but did not have clear visibility into critical metrics such as conversion rates or velocity. The absence of a defined lifecycle was slowing down both teams, and as a result, slowing down the sales cycle itself.



Sumo Logic partnered with Elixiter to build a lifecycle model that would provide the structure and clarity needed for true sales and marketing alignment. Elixiter’s lifecycle team worked with sales and marketing on defining the success path of a lead through the lifecycle. Each stage of the entire sales funnel was agreed upon and clearly documented.

The teams could see where a lead entered the cycle, how it moved through every stage, when sales took ownership of the lead and what qualifications the leads would have. All team members had one clear definition of who owned the lead at every stage along the path.

The lifecycle model also defined how long a lead could be in a given stage and what would happen if a lead wasn’t processed in the acceptable time frame. Expectations from all parties across teams were now clearly agreed upon and visible to all on a daily basis. The teams no longer needed to regularly discuss who should own the lead.



The impact was immediate. Before the lifecycle, first-touch marketing pipeline contribution was about 10-15%. After the lifecycle and without changing any marketing tactics, contribution skyrocketed to 55-60%. Marketing also gained needed insight into key metrics including conversion rates and velocity.

The timing of when a lead would be nurtured and the specific messaging for each stage of the funnel was clearly defined and visible to all. Sales was able to get in touch with the right prospect at the height of their activity and interest.

The lifecycle led the way for opening and simplifying communications between the teams when it came to leads. The time and effort invested in the project paid dividends to the teams, allowing them to focus on even more advanced initiatives. In fact, Sumo Logic recently expanded the lifecycle to include their customer base, something brands rarely advance far enough in the Marketo maturity curve to achieve. New opportunities such as this, that drive revenue, were made possible by the team’s investment in creating the necessary marketing to sales process that a lifecycle provides.


"Building a strategic lead flow with scoring, SLA’s and automatic movement can bring double digit uplift to marketing pipeline generation. Bringing Elixiter onboard helped get our lead flow up and running quickly, and we started to see uplift within one quarter.”

-Maurina Venturelli
Director, Demand Generation


Looking for results like this? Talk to our team of experts today about how we help marketing leaders using Marketo prove impact to revenue. 

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