How Rocky Mountaineer Improved eCommerce Conversions 300% With Abandoned Cart Nurture

May 21, 2018 Laura Kirkland

Luxury Rail Leader Case Study



Rocky Mountaineer, the largest privately owned luxury tourist train company in the world, wanted to retarget consumers who began planning a trip on their website, but did not complete the booking. They observed their consumers were actively engaging with luxurious destination packages, but were abandoning the trip without completing the purchase.

The digital marketing team at Rocky Mountaineer wanted to develop a way to bring those consumers back to the site to complete the sale. They partnered with Elixiter to architect the solution.



Rocky Mountaineer and Elixiter developed a nurture program designed to re-engage the consumer and bring them back to complete the trip booking. Shortly after the trip was abandoned in the cart, the consumer received a series of three emails with persuasive calls to action such as  “An Extraordinary Adventure Awaits You”  to entice the consumer back to the cart to complete the purchase.

The first email indicated their luxury trip had not been booked and was still waiting for them. The second email contained a promotional offer. The third email offered the complimentary services of a Vacation Consultant to help complete the booking.



Consumer response to the nurture was significant. The program alone provided 128% year over year revenue growth. The eCommerce conversion rate was a 300% improvement over existing email activity conversion rates. Ratios were well above industry benchmarks, but most importantly, abandoned trips were being converted and booked.


Luxury Rail Leader Nurture Results


Rocky Mountaineer estimated the nurture program delivered a 300% boost in abandoned cart bookings with just three emails, making the investment in the nurture program well worth it. Plans for future nurture programs have been developed with additional personalized touches like weather conditions in the desired destination city and a countdown time to the trip departure.

Agnes Khong, Rocky Mountaineer

"We’re incredibly excited about the success we’ve had with our abandoned cart nurture program. With the support of Elixiter and the Marketo platform, we were able to bring this initiative to life and can’t wait to see the continued revenue growth.”

-Agnes Khong, Rocky Mountaineer


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