How Construction Specialties Transformed Their Sales Funnel

May 21, 2018 Laura Kirkland

CS Group Transforms Sales Funnel - Case Study


Construction Specialties, a global leader in architectural and engineered building products, needed to update their traditional sales model to align with how consumers wanted to engage with their brand. They were keenly aware that the fast-paced engagement
economy they existed in would only continue to evolve at a record pace. Replacing the old model was necessary but not easy. The marketing team at CS knew they needed to fully align marketing and sales in order to engage prospects and track their progress through the entire sales funnel.

Working in the commercial manufacturing industry added another layer of complexity to this challenge. CS traditionally marketed their new building products to architects in the hopes that they would include CS materials in job specs, but it was the contractor, not the architect, who ultimately purchased CS’ innovative products. When faced with the challenge of measuring success and tracking attribution from the architect in the early stages of the sales model to a closed deal with a contractor, CS reached out to Elixiter’s lifecycle team for a solution.



CS and Elixiter worked together to develop a strategy that would systematically bring multiple business units into alignment over time. They began by identifying a formula for success to test with a few select business units. Once success was accurately measured and attributed, the formula would be scaled and rolled out to the remaining business units. First, Elixiter and CS evaluated current processes to determine a scoring method. Marketing and sales teams met to discuss the various interactions they were having with prospects. Through this exercise they began to understand the entirety of a prospect’s experience when building a relationship with CS. Both teams gained valuable insights that helped them determine next steps. They decided to assign scores based on prospect behavior and demographics, defined the MQL stage and mapped out a review process for leads that qualified.

Once a holistic picture of the sales cycle was clear, the next step was to establish a lifecycle model to ensure proper stage movement. Elixiter designed, developed and built the lifecycle model for CS’ select business units. They presented the model to CS’ marketing and sales teams to make sure it was understood, met expectations and was a unanimous solution. Analytics were run through FunnelWise to show the teams where leads were in various stages of the lifecycle model.



400% Increase in Qualified LeadsProviding structure to the sales funnel had a tremendously positive impact for CS. For the first time, marketing and sales could see a prospect’s entire customer journey and quickly identify where to focus their efforts to move the prospect through the cycle to conversion. The lifecycle model provided a transparency that enabled both marketing and sales teams to see where leads existed in the sales cycle at all times, which ultimately guided engagement efforts that lead to sales. They experienced a 400% increase in qualified leads to sales. Throughout this exercise, trust was fostered and strengthened between CS’ marketing and sales teams. Now they work closely together to engage prospects throughout the sales cycle and close deals. It has even influenced hiring decisions within the company, as the team recently added a full-time employee dedicated to tracking analytics and providing further insights and recommendations for business success.

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