How Bromium Reduced Daily Marketo Effort by 75%

May 21, 2018 Laura Kirkland

Elixiter Case Study | Bromium

Bromium, an award-winning innovative virtualization based cybersecurity company, implemented Marketo, a world-class marketing engagement platform to advance marketing initiatives. After the configuration, a new marketing team came onboard and discovered significant efficiency and organizational roadblocks not identified by a previous team during the initial setup of the platform. Campaigns were created with inconsistent program structure, making the creation of new campaigns problematic and leaving their team without the ability to track key performance success metrics. Data hygiene further compounded an accurate view into their performance. Ultimately, the lack of available metrics impacted the alignment between marketing and sales.

At an operational level, creative assets were hard coded and difficult to update. By not utilizing the most current creative template features available in Marketo, the team had to spend large amounts of time browsing code, trying to determine how to update emails, landing pages and forms. Asset creation was time consuming and frustrating.



Bromium partnered with Elixiter to fully assess the current condition of their Marketo instance and provide strategic and operational recommendations for their team. Elixiter’s experts completed a thorough analysis covering over 400 points across configuration and infrastructure to identify gaps and weaknesses in their setup. Elixiter provided in-depth recommendations on projects to help optimize their system.

Bromium’s team embraced Elixiter’s recommendations. At an operational level, Bromium started with the correct setup of key foundational configuration areas and organizing folder systems. Creative templates including emails, landing pages and forms were rebuilt using best practice design and templates for easy duplication and editing. Recurring automated data cleaning programs were put in place to keep data clean and updated.

From a strategic level, the marketing to sales process was re-evaluated. The result of those
discussions was the definition and implementation of a lifecycle model. Elixiter implemented
the model creating a structured flow for records to move from marketing to sales. Higher
quality leads were passed along to sales thanks to best practice scoring and lifecycle model
implementation. The new model allows for higher quality leads to move to sales, strengthening the pipeline and the overall relationship with sales.



Bromium Case Study Results

The marketing team now has a high performing marketing engagement platform to support their initiatives. The time required to perform daily Marketo operations by the marketing team has been reduced by 75 percent. The best practice improvements made by Elixiter, particularly within the lead lifecycle, program structure creative assets, and data hygiene empowers the marketing team to create programs quickly and confidently. The team now focuses on advancing their marketing initiatives and moving into projects they would not have been able to tackle before partnering with Elixiter.

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