How a Fortune 50 Health Insurer Exceeded Revenue Goals With Web Personalization

May 21, 2018 Laura Kirkland


The customer, a Fortune 50 Health Insurer, went looking for a marketing automation platform that would allow their team of 3 marketers to write content for a single URL and publish personalized content everywhere.

Prior to acquiring Marketo, the customer’s marketing process consisted of labor-intensive, siloed software products supporting singular, sometimes fragmented and inconsistent campaigns. The staff manually reproduced landing pages, request forms, emails, direct mail, social, analytics and sales assets with no centralized integration. The customer’s marketing team needed a cost-effective marketing automation platform that would scale.



The customer committed to a Marketo-based marketing automation strategy to integrate with their internal call centers, sales & service teams, data sciences team as well as their media buyer, webcast service provider and social media channels.

Leaning heavily on Marketo Web Personalization and Marketo’s ability to natively integrate with internal systems, the customer’s marketing team transformed their processes resulting in:

  • Unified data across all member partners
  • Statistical modeling, list scoring & persona modeling to support list procurement for strong data
  • Campaign management and performance tracking
  • Personalized messages across each sales segment, market and individual employer
  • Delivered better qualified leads to the sales teams with a Lead Scoring Engine
  • Increased customers, leads and prospects

For fast enablement, the customer leveraged Elixiter’s expertise for:

  • Technical creation of Web Personalization and engagement campaigns
  • Development of a custom testing portal for viewing personalized segments resulting in
  • increased efficiency in creation and testing
  • Optimization of microsites resulting in reduced page load times and lower bounce rates



The customer’s marketing team delivered on its promise to increase awareness, market share, membership and revenue. Mastering Marketo, they own the individual customer conversations and proved Engagement Marketing drives revenue. 

The original $840,000 technology, creative services and advertising investment generated $34 million in revenue in the first year and $75 million total at the time this case study was written. As a result, the marketing team is recognized as a credible, reliable and trustworthy resource that contributes to membership and revenue growth.

Looking for results like this? Talk to our team of experts today about how we help marketing leaders using Marketo prove impact to revenue. 

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Laura Kirkland

As Elixiter's Marketing Manager, Laura focuses her creative talents on making sure the team's marketing programs flourish and grow. She enjoys solving the big strategic types of challenges and finds satisfaction in creating innovative solutions that didn't previously exist. She loves being outdoors and exploring the beauty Montana offers whether it’s in a boat on a river or hiking a new trail. Laura is always learning something new - currently she is focusing on long distance running and refining her swing dancing skills.

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