Andrew Hull Nominated as Finalist for Montana Excellence in Leadership Award

May 21, 2013 Chris Leonard

Andrew Hull, President and Founder of Elixiter, was nominated as a finalist for the Montana Excellence in Leadership Award (ELA) by the Interagency Committee for Change by Women (ICCW) of Montana.  The annual ELA was established in 1999 to honor individuals from across Montana for exemplary leadership and achievements, or for outstanding efforts to help women excel in the workplace.  Lt. Governor Walsh attended the award ceremony and presented the award to the winners.  “Andrew recognizes the value of women in the workplace and actively encourages us to move forward,” said Wendy Renner, Director Client Enablement at Elixiter.

Elixiter serves business-to-business marketing managers who seek high impact project management, administrative and campaign services for the revenue generating Marketo platform.  Elixiter is growing quickly and is supporting high-paying, technology-oriented positions for Montana.  In the past 24 months, Elixiter has created 8 net-new jobs for Montana, with 75% of the positions employing women.  Over 50% of Elixiter employees are MSU graduates, reducing the state’s “brain drain” by keeping our best and brightest in Montana.

 About Interagency Committee for Change by Women

ICCW is a diverse group of dedicated and dynamic state employees who truly believe they can create positive change for all state workers and women as a whole.

ICCW moves toward proactive and positive change by improving educational opportunities; monitoring, measuring, and reporting pay scale equalities; observing legislative effects on state employees, and promoting state employees through public relations. Each member brings her or his own special talents to the group. Interagency cooperation and teamwork continue to move ICCW forward.

ICCW was created by Executive Order in 1976 as the Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee for Women. Governor Tom Judge signed the original Order. Subsequent Orders continuing ICCW were signed by governors Schwinden, Stephens, Racicot, and Martz. Governor Brian Schweitzer signed the most recent Order in 2005, which changed the name to be more descriptive.

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