Removing Marketo Tracking from Links

May 20, 2014 Laura Kirkland


There are a number of reasons why you may want to remove Marketo’s tracking code on links. Sometimes the tracking code interferes with other websites and other times you may not want to track native template unsubscribe links.

It is very simple to remove the Marketo tracking code. Simply select the link that you want to edit and select Insert/edit link in the HTML editor bar.

tracking links in Marketo

In the Insert/edit link window, select the Advanced tab. Then enter in “mktNoTrack” in the Class field. Click Apply. By doing this, your link will no longer contain the Marketo tracking code.

remove track links in Marketo

If your link lives within an email template, simply insert class=”mktNoTrack” in the tag.

Example: (your link text)

Remember: Removing the Marketo Tracking Code disables cookie identification for a lead and form auto-completion when they click that link.

Source: Marketo Community

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