Organic Search Tracking in Marketo

May 20, 2014 Laura Kirkland

Use the following process to track those who have been added to your Marketo system via organic search traffic.

  1. Create a Tracking Smart Campaign
  2. On the Smart List of your new tracking smart campaign, choose the Lead is Created trigger and the Original Search Phrase filter. Set the Original Search Phrase to “is not empty”.

organic search tracking in marketo lead is created trigger

  1. On the Flow, choose the flow action of Change Data Value and select the Attribute of “Lead Source”. For the New Value, enter in “Organic Search” or the terminology of your choice. Next, add a flow action of Add to SFDC Campaign if you would like to track these individuals in a SFDC Campaign.

Lead source organic search marketo

  1. Activate your campaign on the Schedule tab.

Source: Marketo Community


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