Marketo Landing Page Robot Definitions

May 20, 2014 Laura Kirkland


Marketo offers the ability to customize landing page tracking by editing the Meta Tag Robot settings on a per-page basis.  When customizing tracking it is important to understand:

  • Index = Search engine will index the page
  • Follow = Search engine will crawl the following pages via links

Marketo offers a combination of values to can use for the Meta Tag Robots.  See the explanations below:



index, follow This page and the following pages will be indexed by the search engine.
index, nofollow This page but not the following pages will be indexed.  Example: Registration page but not thank you page is indexed.
noindex, follow This page will not be indexed, but the following pages will be indexed by the search engine.
noindex, nofollow The search engine will not index the current or following pages.

By default, Marketo sets Meta Tags as “index, nofollow”.  To change these settings per landing page:

  1. Open the landing page in draft mode.
  2. In the right hand corner, click on Landing Page Actions.
  3. Select Edit Page Meta Tags.  Here you can customize other tracking functions such as keywords and Facebook OG tags.
  4. Select the appropriate setting based on desired tracking from the grid above.

Source: Marketo Community