Marketo Integrated Webinar Errors

May 20, 2014 Laura Kirkland

What happens when a registration error occurs in Marketo with webinar provider integrations? First, identify that there's a problem. Get a notification for any registration errors during the registration period by creating the following Registration Error Alert campaign. 

Step 1: Create and approve a registration alert email to notify you when there's a problem.

Be sure to include trigger tokens similar to the copy example below:

Step 2: Right-click on the webinar program or folder and select New Smart Campaign.

Step 3: On the campaign’s Smart List tab, drag on the Program Status is changed trigger block as seen below, making Program: is any.

Step 4: Click on Add Constraint > New Status.

Step 5: Select Webinar> Registration Error on the New Status dropdown menu.

Step 6: On the Flow tab, drag on the Send Alert block. Locate your alert email in the Email: drop down menu that you created and approved in Step 1. Leave the Send To: section as None and insert your email address into the To Other Emails: section.

Step 7: Activate your campaign on the Schedule tab. You will receive an alert email whenever a registration error occurs across any of your webinars. The trigger tokens in your alert email will provide you with the webinar program that received the registration error.

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