Marketo Email Performance Report Definitions

May 20, 2014 Laura Kirkland

Ever wonder what the metrics in Marketo's email performance report describes or is measuring? Here's a handy reference:

Metric / Column Definitions
Email Name Name of the email including the program (Click the link to preview the email)
Sent Leads with at least one attempted delivery
Delivered Leads who were successfully delivered one message
% Delivered Delivered / Sent
Hard Bounced Leads with messages that were permanently rejected
Soft Bounced Leads with messages that were temporarily rejected
Pending Messages that have been sent but are still in the process of being delivered or retried
Opened Leads who opened this email at least once. Opens are tracked by an invisible image added to the email. This image is blocked by default in most email clients.
% Opened Opened / Leads Delivered
Clicked Link Leads who clicked at least one link in this email
% Clicked Link Clicked link / leads delivered
Unsubscribed Leads who clicked the bottom link of this email and unsubscribed
% Unsubscribed Unsubscribed / leads delivered
First Activity (Time zone) The first time this email was used


Last Activity (Time  zone) The most recent time the email was used

Source: Marketo Community

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