[Webinar] Not Leveraging Marketo Web Personalization Yet? Find Out What You're Missing

March 22, 2017 Laura Kirkland

We all know personalized content engages decision makers and increases conversions over a one-size-fits-all approach. Your teams are likely personalizing emails, but if you're not taking the next step to personalize your website experience, you could be missing out on an incredible opportunity to improve campaign performance and ROI. 

Watch the webinar below to learn all about Marketo Web Personalization and how health care industry leader Aetna uses it to gain a 34x return-on-marketing. A live demo of both user and admin sides also included. 

Presenters include: Dana Cutter, Director of Marketing Communications at Aetna and Andrew Hull, President and Founder of Elixiter. 

Note: The webinar recording begins just after presenter introductions. No content was missed as the recording picks up seconds into the first slide. Enjoy! 

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[Webinar] Unlock the Superpower of Your Marketo Platform