What’s the Buzz, Word?

July 25, 2013 Tara Slover

Getting the message across using buzzwords

It must be in our nature to find a simpler or faster way to get the message across.  Buzzwords get their start as attention-grabbing groups of letters that can roll off the tongue easier than a two- or three-sentence description, and before long they become an integral part of the conversation.

Buzzwords associated with marketing have been getting flipped around with increasing regularity until there is a very fine line between “wow that’s cool” and “enough already”.


Here is a list of 30 buzzwords that, despite their apparent overuse (as suggested by the blogger), still claim a valuable place in our marketing-talk.  Some are common-place, whereas others may be making their first appearance into your mindset.

So tell me – is this snackable content viral-worthy of SoLoMo, or is this curator of the ideation merely searching for synergy via a two-way conversation?  Maybe you should review the infographic…

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