What an Exciting Future for Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs)

August 22, 2014 Morgan Rangel

siriusdecisions-map-infographicWith the newly released Sirius Decisions SiriusView: Marketing Automation Platforms 2014, it is clear we are offering services in an industry where services are scarce, and high-quality services are rarer. (Infographic on right via VentureBeat)

With a limited number of power users in the MAP industry as a whole, individual platforms have even fewer to rely on. General training and skill development is limited for some, where others struggle with experience using MAPs for complex situations and business processes.

Explained simply in VentureBeat’s article “Mid-sized B2B companies and corporations that use marketing automation platforms (MAPs) lack experienced users and underestimate the amount of resource needed to drive effective MAP adoption.”

We see a strong need for our services especially with companies who understand the benefit that a MAP can provide, but who don’t know how to master the platform or customized it to meet their complex business needs.  Others simply do not have bandwidth to tackle it.

As MAP adoption is rapidly expanding, we are proud here at Elixiter to already have offered over three years of high quality, professional service support for Marketo, one of the most powerful MAP options available on the market today. As we expand our organization to meet the demands of the market place, we ensure our consultants are experienced high-quality power users who continually advance their skills to meet the innovation of the market.

It’s an exciting time for the industry, and we are hopeful that the MAPs will flourish and develop for the future of marketing.

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