Then and Now: Cloud Software… A Real Game Changer

August 8, 2014 Andrew Hull

How the spread of Cloud software has affected the business software marketplace

Remember when…

  • You evaluated business software via a lengthy proposal process?  In many cases, the software sales person was your only access to detailed product information.
  • You spoke with Gartner, Forrester, IDC and other analyst firms to confirm your short list.
  • You purchased a license for the current version of the software and they shipped it to you.
  • You purchased a license for dependent software (like database and server software) and they shipped it to you.
  • Your IT resources installed the software on expensive hardware you specially purchased to run the software.  You naturally over-purchased the hardware to ensure your software would not run slowly.
  • You spent months customizing the software to meet your business needs, usually involving computer programmers and custom code.
  • After months and months of project management, the software finally went live!
  • If you were really good (or you had excellent internal/consulting resources assisting you), your business goals were met by the software application.
  • You were LUCKY!
  • Twelve to twenty-four months later you started the “upgrade process”, repeating many steps… even purchasing a new version of software from the software vendor.
  • The process was HARD. There was a reason line-of-business departments had a contentious relationship with IT and vice versa.


  • You still evaluate software but via web resources, public comments and information freely available to you.  You largely control your evaluation process.
  • You subscribe to the software services paying for what you need today, usually a month-to-month or annual commitment.
  • You access the software (usually within hours or days) to start.
  • You don’t care what the technology platform is…the vendor has to take responsibility for all aspects of performance and service delivery.
  • You look forward to feature enhancements because the software vendor is responsible to deliver them on an ongoing basis under your subscription service.  They even perform the updates seamlessly.
  • You focus on configuring (not customizing) the software to your business needs, usually with limited or no computer programmers.
  • You EXPECT to see value from the business software within weeks…not months or years.
  • The process is much EASIER.  Now you can keep focusing on improving your business, not software.


At Elixiter, we don’t manage a single server.  Every business process runs in the Cloud.  Having lived through the old world, I enjoy having my head in the Cloud.

What has been your experience?  Is Cloud-based software living up to your expectations?

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