The Beauty of Marketing Automation

May 15, 2013 Tara Slover

Cloud computing and marketing automation have greatly altered the marketing landscape.

Cloud computing, marketing automation, SaaS… these are terms that we hear constantly in the business world with ever more frequency.  This is for good reason as these technologies are literally changing the way that we view and conduct business around the world.  As a fairly new member of the consultant family, I have a unique perspective and appreciation for just how influential those technologies can be for the marketing industry.  They benefit not only our customers, but significantly affect the fundamental core of our company.

 What is a consultant?  In short, a consultant is an expert or a trusted advisor.  At Elixiter, however, that’s only part of what we do.  We aim to be an extension of your team, a third hand in juggling the intricacies of marketing automation.  We work to understand your company, your goals, and your pain points by virtually assimilating into your team and culture.  Thanks to the flexibility inherent in the marketing automation space, we now have the freedom to complete this in one of the most serene and gorgeous places on earth.

10 years ago a global marketing consultant agency, such as Elixiter, couldn’t have existed in Bozeman, Montana.  By necessity, on-site consulting was the standard, with heavy travel, time away from home, and generally unresponsive engagements the norm.  However, we now have the ability to work from environments of our choosing; where we not only feel at home, but can thrive and center our abilities specifically on marketing.  We can now afford to be extremely powerful specialized tools that benefit the whole team, rather than a multi-tool competing with other departments for recognition and clout.

The benefits our customers see are far reaching.  Thanks to cloud computing, much of the unnecessary clutter, expense, and disengagement has been eliminated.  We can now focus entirely on what’s interesting and important to us, your marketing woes.  Moreover, we’re able to accomplish this more efficiently and effectively than only a few short years ago.  The landscape is changing.

The path that marketing automation is heading down, regardless of platform, is an exciting one.  The level of responsiveness, especially to unforeseen events, has been given a shot of adrenaline.  From nearly any location, at any time of day, we are there to ease your pain.  The whole team is ecstatic about finally being able to offer our clients a truly encompassing and holistic experience, with deep engagement in all facets of their specific marketing programs.  This level of connectivity is clearly something that has been long desired, but only recently realized and achieved.

At Elixiter this means that we can play a far more important role in lending advice that affects overall strategy.  We view these changes in the landscape as an opportunity to develop deep and meaningful relationships with our clients, rather than strictly aiming for project based engagements.  We are all qualified and certified marketers, and cherish the chance to apply these skills in conjunction with our technical marketing automation proficiency.

The team here at Elixiter has realized the true benefits of marketing automation being married to cloud computing.   We choose be nestled high in the Montana Rockies, where the air is a bit clearer and the people are a bit friendlier.  We connect to our community in a much different capacity than an agency in a metropolitan area.  The natural beauty and way of life here offers us irreplaceable perspective and peace of mind, which translates into tangible quality generation, focus, and commitment to our clients.  We love solving marketing problems and we love where we live; we are overjoyed with the opportunity marketing automation has given us to benefit you, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more excited, engaged, and cohesive team than Elixiter.

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