Thanks for Giving Marketing Automation

November 26, 2013 Tara Slover

Many thanks to marketing automation


The world of digital marketing is continually evolving and changing and within that realm exists a small but very powerful piece, marketing automation.  The progression of marketing automation has ushered in a new era and redefined what it means to succeed.  It has altered the entire landscape and brought with it radical new services such as Marketo.  Marketing automation is the central location of tracking all things digital and a tool that strives to make marketing professionals’ jobs much easier.  With the Thanksgiving season in full swing, the Elixiter team has gathered our thanks for the Marketo platform.

Thank you Marketo for giving:


  1. 100%, and continually raising the bar, which keeps our jobs challenging and exciting.
  2. Marketing teams the ability to schedule campaigns.  No longer is there a need to pencil in reminders on the calendar to send emails out.
  3. Data segmentation in a drag and drop environment.  No explanation needed.
  4. Full reporting capabilities so we can avoid extensive Excel formulas; not to mention, time!
  5. Support – always friendly and timely.
  6. Native mapping to CRM Systems which greatly improves communication and harmony between sales and marketing.  (It can be done!)
  7. The community – a great place to share ideas, best practices, and learn.
  8. The ability to sync with multiple plug-ins and platforms.  We love playing with and learning new tools, keep ‘em coming!
  9. Dynamic content so we can personalize interactions with our customers and contacts.
  10. Campaign attribution and the ability for marketing departments to justify and measure value.
  11. Elixiter employees, the tools to become the marketing manager’s most indispensable asset.
  12. Smart Campaigns and Triggers, enabling quick set up of actionable events.
  13. The ability to clone, which saves time and increases efficiency.
  14. The extensive choice of Smart List filters that allow us to quickly segment the database.
  15. The ability to see all marketing activities in one place (huge timesaver).
  16.  Making what used to be manual (and painful) tasks automatic so marketing managers can focus on optimizing campaigns versus executing them.

There is so much for us to be grateful for this holiday season.  From our friends, family and loved ones to this wonderful software-as-a-service platform called Marketo, each of us at Elixiter would like to wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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