Marketo Integrated Webinar Registration Errors

December 30, 2012 Tara Slover

We have a few clients who have seen registration errors on their Marketo/webinar provider integrations. In order to notify yourself of any registration errors during the registration period of your webinars, create the following Registration Error Alert campaign. Once your alert is in place, you will be notified when you need to reregister an individual for your webinar.

Step 1: Create and approve your registration alert email that you would like to receive.

Note: Be sure to include trigger tokens similar to the copy example below:


Step 2: Right-click on your program or folder and select New Smart Campaign.


Step 3: On your campaign’s Smart List tab, drag on the Progression Status is Changed trigger block as seen below, making Program is any.


Step 4: Click on Add Constraint > New Status.


Step 5: Select Webinar> Registration Error on the New Status dropdown menu.


Your Smart List should now appear as below:


Step 6: On the Flow tab, drag on the Send Alert block. Locate your alert email on the Email: drop down menu that you created and approved in Step 1. Leave the Send To: section as None and insert your email address into the To Other Emails: section.


Step 7: Activate your campaign on the Schedule tab. You will now receive your alert email whenever a registration error occurs across all of your webinars. The trigger tokens in your alert email will provide you with the webinar program that received the Registration Error.

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