Looking at the Big Picture – Data Quality

September 15, 2014 Ericka Yockim

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the changes, importance, and growth of marketing automation. It is evident that a marketing automation platform (MAP) like Marketo will be a part of every modern marketer’s daily workload, demanding constant attention and improvement.

There are many components of a MAP, and it is too common we see marketers focusing on just one piece of the big picture. Although perfectly executed email sends and flawless design for landing pages are important, there seems to be a common elephant in the room: the Database.

The Database is what sets MAPs apart from other basic Email Service Providers. Advanced analytics and tracking capabilities allow marketers to use their MAPs as data warehouses that hold very important information about prospects. From built-in Marketo functionality to third-party vendors, we have all the tools we need to appropriately segment the database and provide relevant content to our prospects. From there, conversions increase and leads are moving through the pipeline like nobody’s business. However, this does not happen without a clean and lean database.

When considering the quality of your data, ask yourself:

  • How many of our records have “America” or another informal format of United States as a country value?
  • How many of our records have an invalid email due to a typo in the email domain?
  • How many duplicate records is the system logging activity for?
  • How many of our competitors are receiving our valuable content?
  • How many of our records have not opened, clicked, or viewed any of our content in the last 6 months?

These are all very basic but important questions and should be addressed on a frequent basis. Marketing automation is an extremely intelligent development, but some human interaction is needed to ensure the time we spend building those perfectly executed email sends and flawless landing pages is being put to proper use.

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