IS vs. IS NOT vs. Inactivity Filters

September 10, 2012 Tara Slover

We are often asked when to use the IS vs. IS NOT vs. Inactivity Filters when setting up smart lists or programs. Sometimes it is confusing as to which one to choose. Here is when the following filters should be applied.

“IS” and “IS NOT”
IS will match anything that exactly matches what you would like to filter.
For example, you can use “is” to find an exact email that has been sent.

Inactivity Filters
Inactivity filter should be used when you are looking for an activity that did not happen. Inactivity Filters can be found at the bottom of the filter list:

Here is a list of possible use case scenarios for “was” or “was not” sent an email.

1.    Was Sent Email –> Is –> Original Email
Was sent email that is the original email

2.    Was Sent Email –> Is Not –> Original Email
Was sent ANY email that is not the original email

3.    Not Was Sent Email –> Is –> Original Email
Was not sent original email, but could have been sent any other email

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