Help! My Blogging Platform Doesn’t Have Graphs

August 8, 2014 Kyle Halstvedt

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“Bloggers” may be one of the most diverse groups in the world, and there is a huge variety of reasons why people blog. No matter the subject matter of our posts, though, we all must pay attention to our audience. Analyzing the changes in traffic to your blog is the first step toward consciously improving your users’ experience, but many blogging platforms provide only snapshots of traffic metrics. Once you have the data points, it can be tempting to rely on intuition alone to reveal trends in the data. It is potentially intimidating, but very rewarding, to pursue a more rigorous approach manually.

Check out this great overview of regression analysis for blog traffic from Ginny Soskey at HubSpot. It is a practical walkthrough of basic analysis methods, and it does a great job of showing external tools and methods that may not be built into your blogging platform. Even if your blogging software makes a stab at visualization, understanding the significance of these graphs is the important part!

How Fast Is Your Blog Growing? How to Run a Regression Analysis to Find Out

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