Email Deliverability: How to Reach Your Audience’s Inbox

February 12, 2014 Tara Slover

Email deliverability seems to be one of the biggest concerns for email marketers.  As email evolves and providers get better at filtering out spam, it becomes more and more difficult to get your message out to your audience. Marketers may find even their quality; permission-based emails are being filtered out of subscriber’s inboxes.  To help marketers keep their emails out of the spam folder we have developeda list of email deliverability dos and don’ts.


  • Be trustworthy.  Give your potential subscribers an incentive to opt in, but don’t promise more than you can deliver.  Timely, targeted, valuable emails with catchy subjects and engaging content are good incentives for your audience.
  • Maintain and segment your lists.  Before emailing your new contacts, ensure email addresses are correct.  Also, clean these lists often so you don’t continue to send emails to inactive recipient addresses. Remember to send targeted emails to defined segments NOT the entire database.
  • Choose a reliable email marketing service provider.  Your provider should be able to handle bounce codes, feedback loops, and connection optimization.
  • Clearly brand your opt in form.  Be sure to identify the company, major products and brands or business units.


  • Imitate the marketers whose emails have landed in your spam folder.  Look through this folder and try to identify what it is about each of these emails that has landed it in this folder.
  • Don’t make unsubscribing difficult for your audience.  Individuals who have opted in are still more likely to mark your email as spam than they are to simply unsubscribe, so make it simple and apparent.  At the point of unsubscribe include an option to change an address and/or frequency options.
  • Use words like “free,” excessive punctuation, or misleading subject lines. Subject lines hold huge weight on the deliverability of your communications so carefully select words that are relevant but also reputable.  Put yourself in your audience’s position and consider what would make them flag your emails as spam.
For more information on email deliverability, read the full article here.

Also, read our article, Global Email Compliance Guidelines, for spam laws by country

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