Don’t Judge Me by My Subject Line

September 25, 2013 Tara Slover

Keeping it real. And Simple. Real Simple.

Let’s face it.  Email is the most prevalent form of communication in the business (and personal) world.  More and more companies rely on email to deliver their message – an offer, statement, images, how-to video, etc. Before the message can be relayed, the email must be opened and thus it is imperative that the email stand out from the others.Mailbox

There are several ways to help secure the open factor of your email.  We’ve discussed keywords in a previous message, but this time we want to entertain other aspects.  First and foremost, keep this in mind.  The recipient is the same as you – human – so think about what attributes of a subject line make you want to open an email?

Short and sweet – the subject line is not the place to write your entire message.  You just want to pique your recipient’s interest.  This is your chance to be witty, intriguing and brief.

Personal touch  – by taking a few extra minutes to dig into your customer data and identify the different groups within your database, you’ll win recipients with the personalized touch of tailoring the subject line directly to them.  Wow – someone actually took the time to make sure I got this email that pertains to me!  Wow.

Don’t just rely on spellcheck: Too many times, automated spellcheck is lauded as the quality control for messages, when in fact it’s practically human and makes mistakes too.  Their is know substitute for sloughing down and re-reeding (cringe).

Be professional but not mediocre:  You can focus on the subject at hand and sound official without boring your audience.  Use your words to help your audience prioritize what they read.

Take the time to put a little thought and effort into your subject lines, and you’ll be rewarded by improved open/click rates.  Mission accomplished.

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