Clear the Path for Your Customers

October 18, 2013 Tara Slover

Simple, clean websites make it easy to navigate

It is incredible to think that nearly 97 percent of consumers use the internet to make purchases.  This staggering statistic includes pricing, information gathering, research, and sometimes, the actual purchase.

Websites need to be clever but user friendly, informative but succinct, attention-grabbing but not too flashy.  No pressure.  Nope, none at all.

There was a time when ‘if some is good, more is better’ prevailed.  Now negative space is being used to an advantage, and great designers know how to let the negative space speak for itself.   The majority of our population are visual learners, so images that display a product or service are likely to make a better impression than a lot of text.Reduce clutter

Color creates atmosphere without even trying.  White backgrounds speak to the everyday consumer, while black resonates as business-like or luxurious.  Studies have been done on what colors are most attractive to what type of people, but ultimately the goal is to achieve the overall effect you want your customers to experience.

Fonts can create an almost subliminal atmosphere by fulfilling the entertainment of the reader’s eye while still communicating the message.  Researching fonts can be overwhelming – there are thousands of them out there!  Three of the more popular fonts are Arial (standard with Microsoft), Helvetica (standard with Apple), and Verdana.  These fonts are popular because they are free, but also because they are very legible at small sizes and are visually similar in appearance, spacing, etc. That narrows the field a little (you’re welcome).

Less is definitely more – remember that your content should be the main focus of your site – if the site is too cluttered, the search becomes weary and your consumer will tire of the navigation challenge.  They came to you for a reason – give them what they want and make it easy.

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