10 Reminders for World-Class Webinars

May 20, 2014 Chris Leonard


  1. Dial-in no less than 15 minutes prior to the start of the Webinar, from a LAN line.  Be sure to utilize a headset to stay relaxed and keep your hands free.
  2. Print off your slides the day before and have them accessible.  You can quickly flip ahead to see your next slide, but more importantly, if your computer loses connectivity, you can keep delivering your content via your LAN line and instruct the webinar host to advance your slides.
  3. Ensure you have a private location to deliver your webinar.  If you have an office, put a note on the door requesting privacy.  “Please Do Not Disturb.  Live Webinar in Progress”
  4. Practice muting your line, transferring presenter ownership, and using the online chat functionality of the webinar software, prior to live delivery.
  5. Smile and deliver your content over the phone with energy and enthusiasm.  Remember, your audience cannot see you, so all they perceive regarding your passion for your content is your tone of voice.  Rarely will someone deliver their content with over enunciation or too much energy!
  6. Prepare “questions from the audience” ahead of time.  What is the most common question you expect to receive?  What questions and answers would you like to ensure the whole audience hears?  Prep these ahead of time. The audience will not know the question didn’t just come in.  Additionally, seeding a handful of questions will get the rest of the audience to participate.
  7. Avoid complex PowerPoint slides in your webinar.  With most webinar programs, the platform will have difficultly building the slides correctly, if they are too complex. Be sure to break the build down into individual slides or remove the builds entirely.
  8. Do not remove the audience lines from mute.  Always recommend that the audience use the chat feature in order to participate. Open phone lines introduce hold music, static, noise and all sorts of potential discussions that are unwanted and a huge distraction to the audience.
  9. As the presenter, focus on your delivery.  Let the webinar host or other co-workers on the webinar handle the chat questions or technical difficulties.
  10. Lastly, just like the President…you should always assume the audience can hear you until you hang up your LAN line.  This will always remove the rare, but embarrassing situation of having your prospects/customers hear something intended for other co-workers during a pre or post webinar discussion.

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